range its exhibits. It will officially open to the public in the middle of September.The old museum, which operated for 21 years, will close from July 1 this year. Officials from Beijing Association for Science and Tec

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hnology stated that the old museum will be used a▓s Beijing Science Center, where high-end and interactive science knowledge promotion activities will be carried out.To return the public long-time su▓pport and attention, the main exhi

bition hall in the A pavilion of the old CSTM will open to the public for free from June 24 to July 1 and a maximum of 5,000 people can visit the museum each day during this period. People can obtain ticket

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s from the ticket office in the east gate of the old museum between 8:30am and 3:30pm for ▓that day.Historical reviewZhou Enlai approved the construction of the CSTMThe construction of the CSTM was suspended once because of the constr▓uction

of the Great Hall of the PeopleThe preparations for the construction of the CSTM date back to 1950s. In 1958, Premier Zhou Enlai and Vice Premier Nie Rongzhen approved the construction of the CSTM, and selected the design by

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  • ill be available for the use of the general public. Now, fo▓ur times larger, the venue still co

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Liang Sicheng, a pr▓ofessor at Tsinghua University. However, the construction was suspended due to the 10 large constructi


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on projects including that of the Great Hall of the People.Later, with appeals from scientists including Mao Yisheng and Qia

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pen free to the pub?/a> 坙ic for eight d ays starting from June 2 4.The CSTM is locate d within the central area of the Olymp ic Park, adjacent to the 鈥淏irds鈥? Nest鈥? Reporters learned on Jun e 22 from th e CSTM that afte r over three y ears of intensive co nstruction, the new museum has started to in stall and test i ts equipment, as w ell as to ar 古蔺县5G 松溪县wap 富裕县wap 乌拉特中旗5G 方正县5G 淮北市5G 济南市5G 巧家县wap 衡东县wap 石狮市5G 平塘县wap 株洲县wap 新乡市wap 葫芦岛市wap 内蒙古wap 莱西市5G 宜昌市5G 会同县wap 富裕县wap 长宁县5G 传奇私服魔侠传官网 传奇私服刚开一 传奇私服上线送元宝 76复古传奇私服发布网 传奇私服手游上线送vip 超变传奇私服网页版 传奇私服单职业网站新开网 传奇私服网站新开网迷失 热血传奇私服端游 传奇私服开区视频教程